I just had the pleasure of attending a key note where the speaker was a past president of the largest insurance company in the world. He talked some pretty big numbers and huge opposition but at the end of the day the message was simple.

Have a vision. Stick to your vision. Work with the cards you were dealt – good, bad or indifferent. Always find an opportunity in what you were dealt. Then make a plan. Work the plan until another opportunity presents itself. Never do nothing.

Next you need to share your vision. Whether it is your employees or your customers, be sure all the stakeholders understand where they fit in your vision and how you plan to get there.

Honor those who help you get there. Take the time to ask your employees to share how they fit in the vision and if there are any barriers they are experiencing holding them back from doing their job. When people feel like their input matters and they are truly being heard they will invest in your vision. This works with your customers alike – ask them what they value about your operation and then how they think you could improve. Again if they believe you are listening and care they will be a loyal customer.

I have been lucky enough to have had this same message in a business development program that I took years ago. I am here to tell you it works for big and little companies alike.

Why does a bookkeeper write about vision? Another clear message he shared was how vital continuity in gathering, storing and analyzing years of data is. Numbers can help you support, monitor and celebrate your vision. They tell a story, they are factual and can answer various questions depending on how you query the data. Paying attention to the figures will give you the edge you may need to keep up with the ever changing way we do business in the future.