In a room, when you know where something belongs, and who is supposed to put it there, things stay organized. Removing the guess work makes things happen.  This is true for your data and paperwork too!

So how does it happen?  Create a process and assign each responsibility.

Will the process be perfect right off the bat?  No.  Once you institute your process you will have to monitor it.  Celebrate your successes, make modifications to enhance the output or include the ‘something’ you forgot.  After it has been running for a while, you will find that you are no longer tweaking the process and it is just a normal course you and your team take in your day.  Once you have one process down, move to another area.

When you know where you data and paperwork go, and why, you save time, money and create that audit trail that so often eludes companies.  Of course another by-product of process is that you can trust all of your business details are at your fingertips and always current.

When you have process to catch all of your business details down to a science, watch out, you are opening the door to take your business to the next level!