It’s an easy answer… save time and money. 

How will it save you money? A virtual bookkeeper is like working with your accountant.  No payroll or unemployment taxes to pay and no insurance benefits or vacation to be considered.  You only pay for the hours of work you require.  If you have a slow month, your bookkeeping costs reflect it. 

Costs can be estimated by the volume of sales/disbursements you do on a monthly basis.  Once a few months of recordkeeping has been completed you can budget what those costs can be….want to spend less?  Figure out what additional items you can perform or maintain on your own so that it takes your virtual bookkeeper less time to record and maintain your records. 

Additionally – time is money.  What is your time as a business owner worth?  If you were to have 4 – 10  hours more a month, could you increase your income?  Just think how wonderful it would be to eliminate the stress of maintaining your financial records.  You may even find you are asking how the virtual bookkeeper can help you in additional ways to make your earning possibilities even greater.

I have a proven process that works for any type of industry or business.  What kind of businesses do I work with; landscapers, coaches, marketing research firms, industry associations, even state and federal election campaigns to name a few.   

Take advantage of today’s technology. Decide on this affordable service to have accurate and up-to-date financial records with a detailed audit trail by a 35 year experienced virtual bookkeeper. 

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