Everyone wants to save time and money!  Did you know that process could be your answer?  We are all working harder for less these days…why not work smarter, lower your stress level and have all of your business answers at your finger tips.

The ‘World English
Dictionary’ definition of process:
1. a series of actions that produce a change or development
2. a method of doing or producing something

Developing a new process starts with the end in mind.  What goal or end result are you trying to meet?  Reverse engineer it.  Example: If you want to know how much business you get from a specific client or what that client owes you at any given moment….follow the quote, sales order, invoice and payments.  Is there one software solution that has all of this in one place for easy access?  If not look for one, if so do you take the time to analyze the reports on a monthly basis?

Do you need to streamline your processes?  Ask yourself, are you entering the same data in more than one place?  If so you need to streamline.  Database management is one area where you often find this situation. One simple solution to double entry is find software solutions that you can easily import and export your data to/from.  Example: Maintain your client database in QuickBooks, export to Excel and import into your eMarketing software such as Constant Contact.

Good processes can save you money when working with subcontractors such as a bookkeeper or by freeing you and your employees up to put more effort into the sales cycle generating additional revenues.

Managing ‘the details’ brings you piece of mind and allows you the ability to make good business decisions based on ‘the facts’ of your business.

Processes and details empower you in your business.

Empower yourself today!