Supporting local candidates or running for office is a big step with a lot of responsibility. Choosing the right person to manage the money and be sure that reports are filed correctly and on time can make or break your success. Next make sure you have a process to keep track of all of the details.
Some simple solutions:
· Keep a copy of your fundraiser guest list (best format is electronically). This offers a quick reference for reporting details, generic follow up if additional information is needed and a database for further fundraising or a simple thank you note.
o Name
o Address
o Relationship to the committee or candidate
o Email address
o Telephone number
· Receiving cash – ask each person to fill in a donor form. While there are thresholds for reporting cash it is your responsibility to maintain a list of each person and the amount of contributed. QUICK TIP: Have your donor forms available on computers for easy completion either by the donor or your staff.
· Keep a copy of every check you receive. This is a simple way to capture data and maintain records.
o Personal contact information details
o Check numbers
o Proof that the contribution truly came from that person
· Have duplicate deposit slips or copy your deposit slips then attach them to the corresponding check copies. QUICK TIP: Run a total on your check copies and then a separate total on your deposit slip details to be sure they match. That way you will not take a check to the bank you have not recorded causing insufficient data for reporting.
· Loans should be legally documented and a copy of the check should be keep with the document.
· Never write a check from the committee without supporting documentation.
o Vendor invoice with clear notation of products/services rendered
§ If campaign material be sure to maintain two copies; one for your records and one to file with the New York State Board of Elections
o Signed reimbursement request form for travel/service/product with:
§ Dates incurred
§ If travel, view reason for and where traveled
§ If meals – who attended
§ Receipts for all expenses attached