Ahhhhh……………another year of taxes filed!

This year you PROMISE will be different.  No more struggle at year end to prepare for the accountant.  You are going to keep your business records balanced and up to date. Year end is going to be a push of the button.  Excellent goal!  Now how do you make it happen?

There are simple solutions like hire a bookkeeper, medical a project manager or an office manager and make your goal their responsibility.  Or make it your task to implement processes that will lead to the same success.

Either path you choose, look review your paperwork processes.  Do they start with prospects and end with your accounting software? If the answer is no, this would be the place to start.

Many companies have a great sales cycle but lose the‘process’ after the sale has been made. Why stop there?  If you have a successful process all the way through to your accounting software your bank account will be healthy and customers will be happy.  Who could ask for more?

More is what you will get though.  You will have current sales, expense and overall financial reports to review. Next step, review the reports on a monthly basis.  I know you are not sure what you are looking at…..but once you start looking you would be surprised at the questions they
answer and bring to mind.  Then put one month next to another.  What story do the numbers tell?  Keep this up for a full year you will be surprised the knowledge that you have of your business, your numbers and your bank account.

Best of all tax time will be just a push of the button and you will be armed to answer all of your accountant’s questions or at least know
where to look for the answers.