A few more new website questions you should consider.

We know that you are writing the content and providing the pictures.  But what about your Google Analytics, rx metadata and keywords? Oh and do you need or will someone work with you on 301 redirects?

If you have had a successful website you don’t want to lose what internet ranking you have gained.  Did you know that if your old web pages suddenly go nowhere (this would mean that your new web pages were not spelled exactly the same as the old – almost always the case) your entire search engine ranking disappears too.  For some it’s not a big deal but, for those of you that have paid to optimize their website or painstakingly taken the time to research keywords and sprinkle the site as well as your page descriptions and metadata with them, it is.

Your new website development team will have the expertise or at least have a partner that can help you answer all of these questions.  The real key is how to know the right questions to ask and in what sequence to ask them.  This is where the third party project manager with experience managing these types of projects really shines.  Remember the web team project manager is there to move your project through their ‘process’ managing the details ‘they’ need.

Hiring a project manager to be on top of ‘your’ details assures that your questions and concerns are addressed without you having to learn the web world jargon or step away from your busy business.