So let’s look some of those ‘details’ your web design team may not address for you.

What format is the new site going to be coded in?  You know that it will have to conform to how you plan to update it but did you also know that it can determine where you can or cannot host the site?  Hosting is always the last conversation your web designer will have with you.  Trust me I have done this for several clients and myself….it is assumed you will host with whomever your designer is providing or partnering with.  What does this mean to you, no rx the website owner?  Lots……what domain names do you have, where are they registered?  Will your email work or be down during the move and if so for how long? Launch day arrives your new website is working and looks great but your email is hosed….ugh!

So let’s talk solutions.  Find out the designers format right up front.  If you have a current website and are happy with their performance; no website outages, buy easy access, good ‘friendly’ customer support and email is fantastic – minimal spam, never down etc. STAY if you can.  This will mean NO email interruption, clinic you know who to call if there are questions or issues and your login and password doesn’t have to change.

Well your hosting provider can host the new format, will you need additional services from them to do this?  If so will updates to your web space be needed – do it prior to your launch date.  If you have to move be sure to get all of your email, domain and hosting questions and concerns as well as current log in and passwords prepared so that they are readily available on the launch date.