I am about to launch a brand new website for BusinessKeeping and it reminded me of how important details really are.  We write the content, sick check all of the links and find just the right images – simple right.  Wrong this is not your everyday responsibility. All the while you are working on this project you still need to keep up with your overflowing inbox, answer client questions and make new sales calls. Then of course there is the false impression that your web designer is going to make all of this just right for you.  You soon learn all the little ‘details’ are totally in your court, leaving you overwhelmed.

This is the perfect time to partner with a third party expert; they can be a life and business saver! Projects outside of our normal business routine can take so much more time and time is money.  A project manager can optimize the outcome of your website project and design a process to ensure that you keep your investment current.

Maintain that website.  Today – clients you meet, chat with and hand a business card go back to their office to look you up on the internet before deciding to hire or buy from you.  What does your website tell them?  Hopefully it has current up-to-date content, new testimonials that they can reach out to get a recommendation from and working links/images.

Make a plan today to manage your website details….you will be glad you did.